2022 Calgary Energy Data Management Symposium - Presented by PPDM

September 6, 2022

“In Western Canada, we are world leaders in making responsible hydrocarbon production better for the environment through dedicated leadership, strong regulatory oversight, innovation and creativity,” said Trudy Curtis, CEO of the PPDM Association. “Through the planet’s energy and technology transformations, data professionals ensure that data becomes and remains a powerful strategic asset through the application of best practices and professional integrity. We know that technology changes swiftly; our data must have the resilience to survive and thrive, even as it is pulled in many directions to serve the needs of many users. The foundation for this critical work is the data community; it is their skill and determination that drives the many projects at PPDM forward.  At the Calgary Data Symposium, we will share information about what PPDM volunteers are doing, learn about what is happening now and coming soon, and prepare ourselves for the changes that are coming.” 

The PPDM Association is a Calgary-based, global non-profit focussed on energy data professionals for more than 30 years. Our events are designed to bring together the energy data community for knowledge sharing, education, trends, and networking. The 2022 Calgary Energy Data Symposium is coming up September 27 & 28, 2022, at the Amphitheatre at the Calgary Tower Center. The theme this year is on the “Skills and Innovations of Tomorrow.” 

Steven Piepgrass from Green Impact Partners will set the tone for day one’s theme of innovation (which includes talks on new energy like geothermal, wind, hydrogen, emissions etc). His talk “Energy in Transition” is described in this excerpt as: The world has been dependent on coal and oil for centuries, yet we are witnessing unprecedented changes to energy production, transportation, and storage system. Which technologies and systems will prevail, and what skills will be needed to succeed? How quickly will this transition occur, and how should we prepare for these changes, history holds some clues to how this change might occur.

Day two taps into the importance of the people behind the data and the skills needed for today and tomorrow. The keynote “Storytelling: Turn Your Data Into Compelling Insights that Inspire Action and Boost Your Career” by John Hetherington of We Deliver Your Vision, lays the foundation, giving a deeper understanding of the art and science of data storytelling with frameworks and practical tips to share data in ways that persuade, motivate, and inspire. John shares that it’s not enough to analyze data, you have to communicate the value of your data in a clear, compelling manner using stories.

The agenda is available now which includes other presentations like:

  • Geothermal Energy and Potential Opportunities with PPDM – Dan Kalmanovitch (GEOSEIS)
  • Birthing the New Hydrogen Industry is Detective Work (Data Mining for Insight) – Grant Strem (Proton Technologies)
  • Data Governance and Analytics – Dean McKeown (Queen’s University)
  • OSDU Data Platform™: The Promise and the Journey – James Lamb & Patrick Meroney (Katalyst Data Management)

The Symposium wraps up with our interactive round table of industry participants in a discussion on building a resilient, skilled workforce for the energy sector. Included in this discussion will be how we are mitigating the challenges of attracting, retaining, and developing the data and human skills needed right now. 


“After so long, I’m looking forward to seeing our community in person again,“ continues Curtis.  “Every data professional I meet inspires me to do more, share more and learn more.  The Canadian Energy Industry is something I’m proud to be part of.”   

To register, please visit the PPDM Association website – www.ppdm.org/events

For YYC Data Society folks:

Agenda Link: https://fm.ppdm.org/dist/uploads/CDMS21_Agenda.pdf

Event link: https://ppdm.org/PPDM/PPDM/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=SYMCAL2021&WebsiteKey=927055e8-ec5d-4b51-96ef-5dbe0a133439

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