Women In Data's November 2022 Event

Data literacy and a fundamental understanding of technology are quickly becoming essential components of effective leadership. For those trying to forge their careers as leaders, a strong base in these areas can be a crucial driver of growth. On Thursday, November 17, Women in Data is returning with its monthly talk. Taking place from 5-7 pm at the Inglewood located Madame Premier, the presentation will focus on women and minorities who can use data as a tool to advocate for themselves and advance their careers as leaders. An overarching question will be presented and discussed: how can data be used to challenge the status quo while helping others? Women in Data co organizer Mariana de la Torre will be the evenings lead presenter.

Thursday nights talk will also act as an informational session for a larger panel discussion that will be presented in collaboration with YYC Data Society’s DataCon in March 2023. Mariana is extremely excited to share more about this during the evening’s presentation. Stay tuned for more details and announcements about a marquee group of panelists!

Speaker: Mariana de la Torre

As a proud co-organizer for Women in Data, Mariana is an influential voice in the Calgary data community. Currently a Senior Information Architect at Johnson and Johnson, Ms. de la Torre also recently assumed the role of Sponsorships Manager and Creative Curator at the YYC Data Society. In terms of an individual who's actively demonstrating how data can be used as a tool for leadership advocacy, Mariana is an ideal choice for the night's discussion.

The Venue: Madame Premier

An ideal location for the event. Madame Premier is a women-owned and operated small business that aims to empower other women through fashion and stimulating dialogue. Intending to amplify the lack of women in politics through beautiful clothing with satirical, political, and feminist designs, Madame Premier is creating and increasing awareness, starting conversations, and moving the dial on increasing representation in politics.

For more details and sign-up information, please see the event Meetup link HERE. Women in Data is excited to see you all there!

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