AI Revolutionizing Customer Experiences

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Start: 2:00PM
End: 2:30PM
Saturday, March 9, 2024
Mary Jackson Stage
407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB T2G 2K7
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About This Talk

This talk explores the power of AI in deeply understanding customer needs and its influence on creating tailored, user-centric AI tools. Without giving too much away, envision a realm where customer sentiments aren't just captured but genuinely understood and seamlessly acted upon. We've pioneered a system at the forefront of this wave, hinting at its monumental impact on consumer-facing applications. Main points of the presentation include:

- Understanding Customer Voice

- Bridging Product Gaps- From Data to Action

- Lifecycle of AI Development

- Practical AI Application

This talk is aimed at intermediate professionals in product management, customer experience, and AI development, this session provides a blend of clarity and actionable insights. Attendees will depart armed with a practical toolkit, ready to leverage AI in ways that not only meet but truly resonate with customer expectations.

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Moamen Abdelrazek

Lead Machine Learning Engineer, RBC
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
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Moamen Abdelrazek

Lead Machine Learning Engineer, RBC
Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Moamen is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer with 6+ years of experience, He specializes in machine learning including NLP and Computer Vision. His career includes significant contributions to both industrial and research projects, leading to the publication of 8+ papers in ML conferences like NeurIPS and CVPR. Driven by a passion for impactful AI, He expertly bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and real-world utility, ensuring his AI solutions resonate with users and function flawlessly in production. His focus: crafting AI innovations that not only impress technically but also delight our customers in their everyday use.