Data & Analytics from a Business User's Perspective OR Why I don't use your tools.

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Start: 11:30AM
End: 12:00PM
Saturday, March 9, 2024
KPMG Stage
407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB T2G 2K7
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About This Talk

I've been a data consumer starting in Excel and Tableau all the way up to running APIs, helping to design data architectures, data governance systems, and building data science models. In that time, I can count on my hand the number of tools from dedicated Data and Analytics teams that I've used on an on-going basis as most IT groups mistake the problem that business users are trying to solve. In my talk, I'll take the audience through the decision making process in business groups and how IT teams can best support them to build a long-term partnership.

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Ben Cho

Partner/Co-founder, Quantim Intelligence
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Ben Cho

Partner/Co-founder, Quantim Intelligence

I have 16 years of downstream fuels and lubricants experience with Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil, spanning North and South America. I started my career in Sales and Marketing, with both customer facing experience and pricing/revenue management. Over the last 8 years I've migrated over to the analytics space, specializing in computational finance and acting as a translator between data and business functions. In my last position with Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil, I ran a team of business and pricing analysts spanning the entire Americas for ExxonMobil’s fuels business, working closely with Data, Data Science, Numerical Optimization, Quantitative Finance and GIS groups. In 2023, I left to start my own analytics consultancy specializing in market fundamentals, deal structuring and asset valuation models. My skillset and knowledge base spans products trading, B2B sales, retail operations, retail pricing and B2B pricing across Mexico, Canada and the US. I have an undergraduate and masters in aerospace engineering from the University of Toronto.