Data Change Management – Building Sustainable Data Solutions

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Start: 9:00AM
End: 9:30AM
Saturday, March 9, 2024
KPMG Stage
407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB T2G 2K7
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About This Talk

How do we implement data changes within teams, projects, organizations? Is a top-down strategy more effective than bottom-up? Is success going to be determined by to resources? Time? Tools? Skills? Training? Just as important perhaps, what would be considered a data “success”?

As agents of change, we need to be thinking about how different stakeholders “think” about data.

In this presentation we will consider the context of how different components of organizations view, interact, and are influenced by data projects. As a framework we can leverage Change Management Theory, or the processes organizations launch to improve current performance, seize new opportunities, or address key issues. We’ll examine 4 established Change Management models from the world of business consultancy, each one focused on addressing the different impact responses to an organizational change stimulus, followed by a brief application of these concepts to a hypothetical scenario, and concluding with a selection of simple, yet powerful, techniques to help drive data engagement within our teams, departments, and organizations.

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Carter Edie

Business Intelligence Lead, GeologicAI
Business Intelligence Lead
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Carter Edie

Business Intelligence Lead, GeologicAI
Business Intelligence Lead

Carter Edie is a data strategist for organizations and business leaders who want to create impact through transforming multi-platform data into actionable, business focused insights.His focus on data supply-chain frameworks and human-centric change management techniques have helped to build trusted data foundations within the energy, aviation, retail, and logistic industries. Through these data delivery platforms, business leaders and data analytics teams have achieved more accurate forecasting, improved descriptive analysis, and saved countless hours in meetings where the focus was discussing what actions needed to make improvements rather than which team or department had the right numbers.

Carter holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Victory and a BSc in Astronomy from the University of British Columbia. He has presented on leading-edge seismic imaging techniques inCanada, the United States, and Colombia and recently provided Modern Business Intelligence and DataChange Management talks to professional and academic audiences around Alberta.