How Data Saves Lives: Transforming Healthcare with a Data-Driven Approach

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Start: 3:00PM
End: 3:30PM
Friday, March 8, 2024
KPMG Stage
407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB T2G 2K7
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About This Talk

Imagine a healthcare landscape where the relentless hum of emergency rooms doesn't signal despair but efficiency, where healthcare practitioners are not just surviving but thriving, and where patients' hopes for timely treatment are not just met but exceeded. This isn't a distant dream but an attainable reality with the transformative power of data. Together, let's explore how we can turn data into our most powerful ally in the quest to not just heal but revolutionize healthcare. This talk walks you through the trials and triumphs of integrating data science into the very heartbeat of healthcare.

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Dr. Maximilian Kerz, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, Cherry Health: Your Medical Network
Co-founder & CEO
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Dr. Maximilian Kerz, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, Cherry Health: Your Medical Network
Co-founder & CEO

Max is the co-founder and CEO of Cherry Health, the rapidly growing medical network for physicians, healthcare practitioners, and innovators in biotechnology and digital health. He advises health-tech companies in Europe and North America and serves as an Expert Advisor to Innovate Calgary. Previously, he held pivotal roles in early-stage technology investments and venture building, notably at Bayer Pharmaceutical and Harvest Venture Builders, where he led the evaluation of digital health investments and spin-out strategies, respectively. Max holds a B.Sc. in Molecular Genetics and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning & Biostatistics from King's College London. His academic research includes significant contributions to the European Union-funded Radar-CNS project, utilizing wearable technologies for remote patient care.