Using data in product management

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Start: 11:00AM
End: 11:30AM
Saturday, March 9, 2024
KPMG Stage
407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB T2G 2K7
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About This Talk

Speak at an expert level of data for product managers. Data is incredibly important to product managers, but it's not always clear data to use, and how you should use it. At Neo, we're very deliberate about how we use data, we can share that.

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Fahad Zaidi

Director, Software Engineering, Neo Financial
Director, Software Engineering
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Fahad Zaidi

Director, Software Engineering, Neo Financial
Director, Software Engineering

Fahad Zaidi is the Director of Software Engineering at Neo Financial, Canada's and Calgary's fastest-growing startup ever. During his time at Neo, Fahad has worked on strategic projects that have enabled millions of people to become Neo customers through launching products like the High-Interest Savings Account and strategic partnerships with companies like Tim Hortons and Cathay Pacific.

Before Neo, Fahad spent 4 years with a SaaS startup in London, England called Quorso and led them from no revenue, no customers, no funding to successfully launch products tailored for large retail businesses, multiple funding rounds, partnerships with Consulting firms (e.g. Accenture) and partnerships with big tech (e.g. Microsoft). Prior to Quorso, Fahad spent a decade in the U.S. in Management Consulting primarily working on technology transformation projects across different industries.

Born and raised in Calgary, Fahad is passionate about leveling up the tech community in Calgary, Alberta, and spends time outside of his work contributing to Tech Thursdays, a weekly panel and networking event in Calgary, as their host.

Fahad holds a Bachelor's degree from Mount Royal University, a Master’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago, and a post-graduate certificate from Harvard University.